Sunday, January 13, 2008

Yesterday we started Princess' Upward Basketball Games. She is on a very athletic team this year and did very well herself. I'll have to video a bit next week and post some. They are keeping score this year and won 34 to 16.
I've had a lot of hypo episodes this week and as you can see from the 2nd graph from the top, the barometer has really been bouncing.
My goal has been to lose a pound a week. Remember my post about date night on Tuesday night? Well, I loved that meal, but let me tell ya ... I gained about 4-5 pounds that night. I am not kidding. My weight was at 137.8 and my lowest weight in the mornings since was 141.something. I was weighing as much as 145 at times this week. So, while I loved that meal, it reminded me that free night is free, but not STUPID. :) With much work since, I am back down to 139.8 this morning. I'm off to work on the treadmill before church. I really want to lose a pound a week ... not gain f-i-v-e!

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