Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dixie's Surgery

The poor old girl lost 7 teeth yesterday. One tooth was so rotten that it fell out as they were cleaning. I should have taken a picture of her teeth before they were cleaned. Ugh. I started to upload a picture from the web, but it's too gross. Let me just say that instead of having white teeth, hers were grey and yellow. She had abcesses under several teeth. It's no wonder she had such terrible breath. I can't believe how much she's changed. She doesn't even have any smell to her mouth today and her teeth are white!!

She has slept alot today and she makes little piglet grunting sounds when she sleeps. Her nose also whistles when she breathes. I guess it's all the swelling still. She's pretty cute and we are glad she is feeling better!

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josha said...

so glad you got to go see Granny. So sad to hear that she has gone downhill so much, so quickly.
Also glad Dixie came through so well. I hope her little mouth heals quickly and that you recover from all you have going on....wondering how the software is going?
love you