Friday, January 11, 2008

More Episodes and a new "diet"

Episodes and Migraines. That is what my week has been like. Today I really hit my body hard with slow release and liquid potassium and Advil with Excedrine. Eventually I got my K+ up high enough to keep episodes away, but I never really got rid of my headache.

Julia was here all day today (my housekeeper) and what a transformation. This afternoon I packed all the Christmas stuff away and undressed the Christmas tree. It's sad to pack it all away. This has been a sweet holiday season.

I love the things I learn every day. Most of them are very useful. I learned about the Flat Belly Diet from I don't like the term "diet" because that denotes a temporary solution. The Flat Belly Diet is a great way to eat every day. David and I are going to start tomorrow. I have to read up on it some more tonight. David also ordered a book stand for our treadmill. I'm so excited as it is hard to hold my bible while I am walking really fast or jogging. My eyeballs bounce around every time I take a step!

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