Monday, August 31, 2009

Guess what?

I took a blog hiatus. I did not even plan one.

Lots happened over the summer.

King and I went on the South Beach Diet and have kept our weight off. That diet will kick your behind, but it works.

Princess rode horses almost every day. In July, she woke up at 5:30 am 6 days a week and was at the barn before sunrise. She's still leasing a horse, but the horse has changed. In the summer she leased a quarter pony named Spotty Showers. He's gorgeous, but has been mistreated in his past, so he has fear issues. He started spinning on his back hoof and throwing Princess when he would approach a jump. Flowers scare him. Crossrails scare him. Cavaletties scare him. The poor thing gets scared so easily. After 5 throws in three weeks, she was all done with riding Mr. Spotty Showers. She still loves him and he loves her. The silly horse is like a dog. He stole my heart ... he's soooo sweet. He's just very young and needs training before Princess can ride him again.

So, now she is leasing a "flea bitten gray" Arabian. He is ingloriously named, "Hippo". He's beautiful ... AND, he doesn't spin on his back hoof.

Today is King's birthday. Happy Birthday to Superman!
Oh, and we sold our house. We close on it the 21st.

It's been a good summer.