Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Blankets for Ethiopia

Some of you know that for years I have dreamed of adopting children from another country. I really like Ethiopia and enjoy reading about others' adventures as they have adopted in Ethiopia. One such story is Mary, from Owlhaven. She's a Christian, homeschooling mom of 10: 4 biological, 2 from Korea, 4 from Ethiopia. Some of her children are pictured left on Christmas morning. Her blog is so inspirational. Just this month, she decided to tie a ribbon on her Ethiopian Adoption Blog, but you can still read her archives there. Her daily blog is on WordPress. She is the oldest of 8 kids and some of her family is taking a month long missionary trip to Ethiopia soon. The nurses there have asked for baby blankets among other things as the women come to the hospital with nothing ... not even a blanket for their baby. If you would like to wrap a newborn, drop by Mary's blog to find out more!

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