Friday, August 17, 2007

Back to School

Ok, we aren't really back to school. That's Tuesday, but we've been up to school a lot helping out and doing parent things. Lauren met her teacher yesterday and we all agree that she is dreamy!! She is so sweet, kind, thoughtful, flexible, and it doesn't hurt Lauren's feelings that she is young and beautiful, too! :)

My weightloss is still going well. I'm losing inches as well and loving it. I'm using up my stock of Nutrisystem foods, but am not reordering.

The tropical depression is making things wet here. I know the whole coast from Florida (hi Amy) to Mexico is watching Hurricane Dean. Thankfully Dean is passing north of our beloved St. Vincent in the Antilles. They are still getting tropical storm stuff, but not like Barbados. Ouch. King and I were thinking what that outdoor airport must be like in Barbados this morning. I can't imagine the wind tunnels through that thing. Yeo.

Well, I'm off to school again this morning. New families to our school get to sign up for all the activities early before the rest of us old timers. I'm going to go host and answer questions. I hope I know the answers. :)

Friday, August 10, 2007


Not much to report. I've had migraines every other day or so. I've only exercised once this week. I have lost more weight, so I think I broke through my plateau. I'm nursing a migraine today again, so unless it abates then today will be another non-exercising day.

Oh, wait. I forgot a fun fact. Our 15th anniversary was this week! One of our friends took Princess for an overnighter and King and I went out. We had a great time and bought something to commemorate the big 15th ... a wii! We stayed up until almost 2 in the morning playing. Silly kids. Actually, we plan to use it a lot when friends come over. King and I have a number of ministry plans for this fall and winter and we hope the wii will be integral for a ministry to guys. The new Madden football comes out in a week! In the meantime, we have fun playing the toy tank game together.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


My King is back! How I missed him!! He went to help his parents after his dad's hip replacement. Did you know it only takes an hour to do a hip replacement?! I told King that it sounded a little too much like a GM plant assembly line with the surgeon finishing the last stitch and calling out, "NEXT!!". No, it really wasn't that bad and Papa is doing very well. Modern medicine just amazes me sometimes. I wish it was all so easy. But, then there is Periodic Paralysis and Autism. Sometimes I wish modern medicine would amaze me a little more.

I'm still taking care of customers this week and it is so much more fun than last week. I told King that what he did last week by leaving town and giving me the customers to take care of was like taking me out on a big lake, putting his foot on my bum, dumping me in the water and saying, "I'm pretty sure you can swim. I know you'll do a great job because you are doing your best! I'll be back in a week. Call me if you need anything!" And then, ZOOM, off he went in the boat and left me there. Aaaaaaah! LOL He was right, as always. I did swim. I did a good job. I did my best. He was back in a week. I did call him when I needed somthing. A lot. :)
Princess is doing her first Vacation Bible School. Yesterday was her first day and she loved it. The "tarantula man" was there with many creepy things. Glad I was working!!
And as for my SIL's birthday present ... it's still in my garage. It's shorter than a yard stick, too heavy to ship and veeeerrrry old. What could it be?! The good news is that she will find out next week if she comes to see me.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

What Is It?

I bought my SIL a present today, for a certain special day in December. She's going to love it! I would love to show you a picture of it, but .... then she would know what it is. So. I will just tell you that it's nothing she can wear. It's larger than my foot. It's smaller than my house.

What could it be????

Hips, Work, Coffee and Plasma Cars

Princess and I are bopping along without our King. His dad's hip replacement went well, but we'd still love prayers for his healing.

While King is gone, I'm doing a lot more work for the company which is stressful and very fun at the same time. I love to learn; however doing anything new is stressful for me. I am realizing all over again what a perfectionist I am. I like to do things correctly if I do them which means that I put off doing new things. I also put off doing things that I am unsure of. This new work stuff is new and unsure. It's great to be pushed though and I am finding out that the customers are very forgiving. :)

School is looming before us and that is both exciting and dreaded. We love summer around here and we also love the routine of school, so starting school is bittersweet. I have volunteered to be a homeroom mom this year which is new for me. Most of the work for HR mom is done before school starts, so school things will ramp up next week. I also plan to mentor again this year and look forward to being matched up with my new ladies. I prefer college/singles, but we'll see who God has in mind for me this year.

As far as nutrition and exercise, I am on track. My eats are good although I could be drinking more water. I've gotten hooked on coffee lately. It's not the caffeine, simply the trick that I play on my stomach when I think I am hungry and am simply having "head hunger". The sugar-free, low fat creamers are delish and bring that feeling of warmth and comfort. Today I am not drinking any coffee and concentrating on my water. I sometimes add the flavoring to the water to make it a bit more fun.

Night before last I pulled Princess on another plasma car ride, this time with Dixie on the plasma car as well. I did two full miles, maybe more. Sadly, I chose 6:00 p.m. to walk on a very hot day. I was wiped when I got home, but had a great workout. We went swimming afterwards. Tonight I plan to run/walk on the treadmill. Yesterday and today I have had a migraine, so I will have to ditch the running tonight if I can not get rid of the migraine.