Saturday, March 31, 2007

Weight Loss

Well, in the spirit of my blog name, "Made New", I thought I'd start a blog about my weight loss.

I started Nutrisystem one month ago on March 1, 2007. I thought I weighed 163 when I started, but I just found out that my scales were not accurate. They were what we all wish ... light. Turns out, instead of weighing 163, I actually weighed (shudder) 170 when I started Nutrisystem. Friends, that is what I weighed when I delivered Princess about 8.5 years ago. And I have no baby to show for all that fat! I am so glad I am on this new medicine, Avandia, and that my Paralysis is so much better. While changing my calendar this morning, I realized that it has been 4 weeks since I had an episode! Four weeks!! Amazing.

So, aside from my 1.5 week spring break trip where I gained and lost, I have lost 20 pounds as of this morning, March 31. I have 30 more pounds to go. Our caribbean vacation is June 1-8, so I need to lose that weight in 9 weeks. I'm off to drink some more water!!