Wednesday, January 09, 2008

More Episodes

Last night was date night and for those health buffs among us, that also translates into "free night". We had appetizers, dinner and dessert at a steak restaurant. Yum. Yum.

This morning, Princess awoke sick. She stayed home from school, but is feeling very well. I think school is in her future tomorrow.

After I returned from carpool (drove the other family to school and got Princess' homework), I had a low episode around 8:30am. King helped me to bed and I took 60 meq of slow release as well as drinking 35-40 meq of liquid K+. I slept for two hours and was still sluggish when I woke. Now it is 3:00 and I feel very well. Almost strong. Almost. I have no idea what is going on! Still documenting and watching things.
Biggest Loser Update: I've been eating high sodium the past couple of days. Wow, the scales do not lie. I need to drink more water. I've had 40 oz so far today. Only 30 more to go. Gee ... I read that I need to drink half of my weight in oz of water. Does that make sense? So take your weight, divide by two and that's how many oz of water to drink a day. I am going. to. wash. a. way.
As far as the TBL show last night ... i was so sorry Curtis and Mallory were sent home! I really liked them and thought they showed such a great marriage. They were such a great example. I was blown AWAY by their progress! I'm so happy for them. I think the teams voted wisely in that Curtis and Mallory were strong enough to go home, but the yellow team is obviously not strong enough. I hope the yellow guy (forgot his name) learned from losing to temptation. Honestly, that's what we all do. He just had to do it on national TV.


Jamie said...

I think my favorite is the mother/son team. I am afraid the brothers might end up winning though... bah. They are arrogant.

flowerpot said...

Yeah, winning the competitions has given them an air of confidence. I couldn't believe that Mark ate all that food and still lost so much. He ate fatty foods though where Paul ate high sodium and that had to of affected his weight. I wonder if the fat will stick to Mark this week and he will struggle a bit.
I like Bernie a lot. I think he has a great personality. I also like Amanda, but I get frustrated with her husband being such a quitter. He'll learn about that though. I have to say that the 'Bama boys are my favs. Go Roger and Trent!!!