Monday, January 28, 2008

On our Girl Trip to see my Granny, Bonnie, Princess and myself stopped by a pond to take pictures with the Canadian geese. They are beautiful birds.

The trip was a fast one and it was good on several levels. I am so glad that I went as Granny did not know our names. I could tell she knew me as someone that she loves, but her mind is really deteriorating and has changed since I saw her New Years.

I am just tired all over since the trip. I know that my body interprets a trip of any kind as "STRESS" and stress not only makes me tired, but it produces migraines and paralysis. I've had a few episodes since I got back as well as a couple of migraines. King has a major software release due today and we are not going to make it. ACK! We are praying that he can make it by tomorrow. So many things are coming together right now and we have so much required of us. Good thing that God is Almighty and the Great Provider.

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