Saturday, March 28, 2009

Purse Dump

Just ignore my red nose. If you've been around, you'll remember that I laugh and then cry when I really hurt myself.

I hit my head -hard- and needed to find some Advil. We were out of Advil in the medicine cabinet, so I told King to look in my purse. He's the king, afterall, and quite courageous. However, the line of courage was drawn at the contents of my purse. What is in that black hole of a purse?

Well, let's see:

1 wallet
1 bible
1 hand sanitizer bottle (warm sugar vanilla, of course)
3 packages of Eclipse gum (cinnamon inferno - cause I like it hot, baby)
1 bookmark
2 mints from Abuelo's
1 snack bar
1 chapstick
6 pens
1 pencil
1 set of keys
1 ipod holder, sans the ipod
1 Blackberry
1 upopened hand warmer, from a pkg of two
6 earplugs, running loose
2 earplugs, in their case
Can you tell I have migraines?
1 driving glove
3 coupons
9 receipts
5 unused napkins
3 used napkins
1 sad looking, partially used tissue
1 cookie cutter, ice skating boot-shaped
2 safety pins
1 loose penny
1 bottle of Advil
1 bottle of Phazyme
1 bottle of Excedrine
1 bottle of herbal pills
1 bottle of potassium cloride
7 packages of Lactaid
and 47 chip crumbs.

So besides being a migraine having, bible toting, drug carrying, Blackberry using, hand warmer needing, receipt storing lady ... I have a lot of stuff in my purse. No wonder the King did not venture inside.

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