Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Fire Ant Hill

I've decided what King's life is like right now.

Picture a man bound with ropes, tied to a stake and "planted" in a fire ant bed. A large ant bed.

It's not one deadline. Or one discouraging phone call. Or one grumpy employee.

No. It's thousands of little things that sting and irritate to the point that he's swollen with ant bites.

Poor guy. You'd never know it. He doesn't let on that he's being stung to death. I see it though.

We're blessed that we get to work together, at home, 24/7. I know him so well. And it makes me sad that he's in an ant bed.

The good news is that I'm helping cut the ropes and soon time and effort will allow him to be out of the ant bed.

Annual deadlines are like this. This all too shall pass.

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