Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Do you ever ponder the evil in this world?

So, the alarm goes off at 4:00 a.m. and you stumble out of bed, grab your McDonald's uniform and get dressed. With puffy eyes, you walk into work, grab your headset and begin a new day's work at the drive through window. It's not a glamorous job, but it pays the bills. You're thankful to have a job these days.

And then. Lucifer's Posse comes through the drive-through lane and up to your window.

Deep breath, everyone. It's just a hamburger.

Associated Press
SALT LAKE CITY — Police said a customer fired one or two shots into a Salt Lake City McDonald's after the driver of the car he was in was told the restaurant was not serving lunch yet.
Police said the female driver of a white Dodge Intrepid pulled up to the drive-thru and ordered from the lunch menu early Sunday but was told only breakfast was available.
Police said two men then got out of the car and one pulled a sawed-off shotgun from the trunk, shooting into the drive-thru window once or twice, The Salt Lake Tribune reported Monday. No one was injured.
The car then left the scene.


Josha said...

now that's a serious hamburger craving! But volleyball looks fun! And so funny that you took a picture of the locked car! My purse looks like yours inside which is why I just grab my wallet out of it and leave the purse. Do you wonder why I even have a purse? Or 20 or so purses? I guess it's for the storage of my wallet. At least you found some advil...sorry about your noggin.

Veggiemomof2 said...

This sounds like the people who called 911 because McD was out of chicken nuggets.

I just heard another story today about a lady who left w/her order, then came back to complain & call 911 because her fried rice didn't have the shrimp in it.

Do we really need a lesson on what constitutes an emergency?