Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Tetanus Shot ... Nail in Finger (not for the faint of heart)

Yeah, "Ouch" sums up this picture. As you can tell from the picture hanger, it is shaped differently from the standard picture hangers. I was trying to figure it out and the nail would NOT go through. I keep trying it and eventually the nail went through. All the way through. Into my hand. Into my joint.

I looked down at the nail my finger and thought, "Wait. That's not right. The nail is not supposed to be in THERE!" So I pulled it out, clamped my left thumb over the entrance area and called to King in the next room in a fairly small and steady voice, "Um, King? I think I did something I wasn't supposed to do."

Then I started shaking. And laughing. When I really injure myself I start laughing ... giggling my head off. It's a nervous reaction. So then I laughed and cried.

It all worked out fine. I was on antibiotics for strep throat anyway, so that took care of keeping the joint from getting infected. However, there was the issue of a tetanus shot. I did NOT want a shot. Not even a tiny bit.

So, three days later, I went for my shot. Lord, have mercy. I got my shot on December 16 and the knot in my arm only went away a couple of days ago.

No joint infection, survived the Tetanus shot, all better. A word to the wise. Just put the hanger on the wall and then press the nail. It is much safer that way.

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ann said...

Ohhhh ouch!! I'm so sorry that happened!