Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Birthday Gift Receiving Tip

Ann is preparing for her son's birthday party and it reminded me of the way I have helped Princess receive gifts at her birthday parties over the years.

I love birthday parties. One thing I do for Princess is have each of her guests individually sit beside her when she opens the present. Each person gets a turn being close when their present is opened. That way two things are served: 1) the guest gets to literally give the present to the birthday girl and 2) I have a photo documentation of what said guest gave the birthday girl. Handy for writing thank you notes. It has also turned out to be a sweet way to encourage focusing on being thankful to that person for giving the gift.
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Wani said...

Genius!! We have our son's 2nd b-day coming up soon. I'll have to try this! THanks!

Lisa said...

Great idea that helps each child feel special and appreciated! Thanks.