Monday, April 23, 2007

Whew. I'm back

Sorry for not posting, but my login hasn't worked for over a week. I'm back to blogging daily now.

Weight: It's about the same. I'm losing a pound a week or so. Nice and slow which is best. 24 pounds lost ... f-o-r-e-v-e-r.

Exercise: Great improvement here! You all know during Periodic Paralysis sometimes it was exercise just to walk across the room. It's been 7 weeks and three days since I've had a paralysis episode! In that time frame, I've begun to use my muscles. I started walking 1.3 miles about three weeks ago. I haven't walked a lot, but I've been active in between walking events. On Friday, I walked 3 miles! My hips (where I have most of my muscle damage) hurt during but not after the 3 miles. Tonight David and I walked the same three miles.

So, in honor of my friend Josha, I will also write a song. To the tune of Mary Had A Little Lamb:

I walked around Town Lake, around Town Lake, around Town Lake
I walked around Town Lake with my friend Bekah.

The path was three miles long, three miles long, three miles long
The path was three miles long and I did it all.

Bekah has a soccer physique, soccer physique, soccer physique
Bekah has a soccer physique and I kept up with her!

I was so inspired, so inspired, so inspired
I was so inspired, I bought 2 running skirts.

Ok, enough. :) I do like my two new running skirts. I felt official as i walked with all the other sweaty bodies out there this evening. Our city is so fit. Sheesh.

Eats: The eats are going well. I eat out about once a week or so. This week it will be twice, but I'm choosing wisely when I order. I ate a caesar salad today with a bit of bread at Johnny Carinos. Yum. NS pizza for dinner, NS bar for bkfast and Laughing Cow lite for morning snack.

I'm off to bathe the sweat away. I'm alive, not paralyzed, my family is with me ... it's been a great day!

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Jamie said...

I love your song :) And your running skirt!