Monday, April 09, 2007

Just Another Monday

Actually it isn't just another Monday. This is the day after Easter and I can't believe how fast things have become mundane. Yesterday was such a celebration of Jesus and now I'm back to laundry and school projects. :) It's all good though.

I told myself last week that I would only weigh once a day, but I confess ... I'm a daily "weigher". I lost another pound last night, or ... sometime. I'm down 22 pounds with 28 to go. Almost halfway. This morning I really and truly resolved to weigh only once a week. I love waking up and seeing the numbers on the scale go down another point. However, I owned the fact that I don't need to lose a pound a day or else I'll risk losing muscle and not fat. The Lord knows I need to lose fat, so I'm going to shoot for Friday morning weigh-ins. In the meantime, I'll ... just ... wait ... and wonder.
And here is the picture of my treat for making my 20 pound goal! Solar Nails. Love 'em. L-o-v-e them!

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