Monday, April 30, 2007

Date Night

My hubby takes me out for a date every week. We always have a good time with what we choose to do. Tonight we went to the bowling alley and did the "must do's" at this particular bowling alley.

Evidently, from the reviews we had from friends and internet alike, their food is very good . Not to be rude, but the food, umm, well, it was bowling alley food. We had the enchiladas with beans and rice. We were so hungry that it didn't matter about taste ... and the calories?? Well, ya live and learn. I did have an adorable delivery guy though!

I realized that I haven't bowled since 8th or 9th grade. I was just happy to knock some pins down! David also did great for not having bowled in years. We had a really good time and relaxed. That's what date night is all about!

Eats: My eats were good today, until ... :)
NS breakfast, NS snack, NS lunch, Zone bar and then ... cheese enchiladas, drenched in cheese and covered with chili and cheese. :)
I haven't walked since Thursday. I miss it. I hope to walk on the treadmill tomorrow as the weather will demand that I stay inside. Good news! I finished a large paper work task that I've been working on for days. My desk is finally beginning to reappear. It's hard to fit in spending time with my daughter, work and house work and exercise. I feel like I'm turning a big ship and my rudder is so small. I know it's these small changes that will eventually turn my whole life around, physically speaking.

And by the Grace of God alone ... I have now gone 59 days with no paralysis!! You go, God!!

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