Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sweet Day

I had lunch with my bible study ladies today at the sweetest little cafe and bakery. It had the feel of grandma's english tea room. The food was so good! Almost all of my ladies were there and we had a great time. I was so overwhelmed ... still am ... at their gift to me. It's a gift certificate to a well-known spa in town for a very generous amount of money. I am still sitting here shaking my head. I enjoyed them so much this year and have been praying about whether to lead a group next year. The love and affirmation I received was humbling to say the least! I just realized that we didn't take a picture today. (sigh.) This picture is a sample of their desserts. The flan cake is flan on top of a butter cake. Does it get any yummier??

Today has been a hungry day. I'm within 100 calories of my 1200. Maybe over, maybe under. Today is the first day I haven't written my calorie consumption down on my refrig. Maybe I'll stop and add things up.... Okay, looks like I'm about 1070 calories. Not as bad as I thought. I had a salad at lunch that was so good! It had some creamy basil pesto pasta in it, so I'm not sure of the calorie count on that. Bfast: NS bar, 4 oz milk; apple; L: aforementioned salad, water; 90 cal ice cream bar; Zone bar at 3p.m.; NS dinner with Skinny cow bar for dessert. And of course, throughout the day I have sipped on my beloved Peppermint tea.

I have to tell you the sweetest of God. It's the little things that show His Lovingkindness. David's office chair broke over the weekend. It's a used, fancy office chair (Herman Miller, if that means anything to you). He has been sitting in a folding chair the past few days which has been, ah-hem ... painful on his damaged tailbone. Today he was able to reach the chair repair folks who told him the chair parts would only be $20; however, it would take about 2 weeks to fix it because the parts had to be ordered. (sigh) This afternoon he took the chair in and not only did they have the parts in stock (!), but they fixed it right there in front of him!! Now his little bruised/broken tailbone will not hurt as he works. I just think God is so sweet ... and FAST!


Jamie said...

How sweet of your Bible Study! I know you've been such a blessing to them :) And how cool about David's chair! Sometimes God IS fast -- the rest of the time, well... =)

josha said...

I think it's all fast in God's time-frame, since time is nothing to Him. Very nice when we notice His promptness. He is faithful. I'm glad you had a good day, and hope today is less hungry!!!