Thursday, April 26, 2007

Just Before and During my 7 weeks on Nutrisystem

The picture of me in the green shirt is toward the end of February '07. The picture in the red shirt is the first of April. I've lost 4 more pounds since the red shirt picture. I've also started walking a lot since this picture.
I walked almost 2 miles this evening (1.8) and am still enjoying the exercise. My eats were great today until we had to eat out. I ate well, just abit more than I should have eaten. I still think I'm at or under calories again today. I ate often today and that helped me feel great. I had a migraine all day, so that dampened my whole outlook on the day.
Well, tomorrow is a big day at school. Better go do bible time with Princess and tuck her in.


Jamie said...

You look AMAZING! You are such an inspiration to me :)

josha said...

Yay! You really are making soooo much progress! You look like my old sister-in-law that I had a while back! She was a cutie.
I just have to point out that if I'd had a migraine all day, I don't think my fingers would have typed the words, "feel great." You are uplifting always. Did you know I miss ya?