Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Running & Kipper

Can you believe it? I ran night before last. And no one was chasing me either! :) I used to run when I was in college and then in early marriage I picked up in line skating. Since having Periodic Paralysis, I obviously haven't been able to do either one. Now that I'm on this new medication and am keeping my calcium levels up, I have so much more energy. Princess was riding her bike and I was going to follow her. I decided to jog to catch up with her and once my feet started making that rhythmic pounding, I just kept going. I ran all the way up the hill and 1/2 way around the block. It felt so great!

I'm trying to get some type of walk, jog or other exercise at least 3 days a week. I'm averaging more than that right now. I have to start out slow because my muscles have been getting smaller over the course of my illness the past 6 years.

Kipper, our cat, is the most adorable thing. He has never had an accident in the house, he doesn't scratch furniture, he loves people, he doesn't get on countertops, he hasn't ever had hairball trouble. He's the perfect cat. The problem is that he is a cat. So many people are allergic and I think I might becoming one of them. I'm having some non-typical allergy symptoms and it only happens here in the house. Kipper is Princess' 7th birthday present, so I hate the thought of sending him to another home, but it might be what we have to do. Please pray for all of us: me, to find out what is causing my alleric reactions; Lauren that her heart will be peaceful no matter our decision; and Kipper that God will find him the perfect home if our home can not be his anymore. Above is a picture of what he looks like most of the time. He loves to have his chin and chest scratched. Silly boy.

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