Friday, September 26, 2008

Please send money:

Cash, checks, credit cards, gold coins are all accepted. My daughter has outgrown all of her clothes. Ok, not completely. She can wear one pair of pjs and her school uniforms. Nothing else fits. Not socks, not underclothes, not shorts, not jeans, not shirts. Nada. I have to go shopping this weekend and while I normally would love a shopping trip with my very best girlfriend, I am a teeny bit overwhelmed with replacing her entire wardrobe. At the very least, it sounds physically exhausting. And then I think of the financial pain I must endure. I'm feeling a bit woozy.


ann said...

Hello :) Thanks for stopping by! I can totally relate to this post! I bought my 3rd grader new jeans in the beginning of August, and he's already outgrown them! They're highwaters haha! It's not very much fun clothes shopping with my boys. I can't wait till my daughter is old enough to go shopping. I don't really like shopping for clothes for myself, but I LOVE going for my daughter :) Anyway, I hope you two find some time to have a lovely shopping day together~with dessert! ~if you're dessert people :)

Josha said...

oooooo, but she's at that fun age where she will be so giddy! Think of her smiling face instead of the pain!

Ronnica said...

Will you buy me an all-new wardrobe, too?

A Red Raider? At least that's Big XII and almost the right color. =)

Thanks for stopping by!