Friday, September 05, 2008

Episodes and Princess

I didn't get to post yesterday because I spent almost the entire day in paralysis episodes. My sweet husband has helped make my office so accomodating to my health issues. I have a leather couch in my office, just 3 steps from my desk. I spent the day coming into and going out of paralysis and working in between episodes. Thankfully there were hardly any calls in the morning when the paralysis was at it's worst. Later in the day, when I had improved, the calls started pouring in. God's timing is perfect.
The episodes I have been having are "low potassium" episodes. My K+ (potassium) levels are not actually low in my body. They are low in my blood and high in my muscle cell . I have to manage the correct balance of K+ in the muscle cell. I really do not know what is causing all of these low K+ episodes. Treating the episodes is very tricky.
Princess also has these same type of episodes. There are several ways to determine the type of episode we are having and none of them requires a blood draw. Low K+ epsiodes affect our emotions differently than high K+ episodes. With low K+ episodes, we feel depressed and very sad. No one likes us, everyone hates us, we might as well go outside and eat worms. Ya know, depressed.

High K+ episodes make us feel A-N-G-R-Y. Like hormonal, PMS rage filled irrationality. Ya know, angry.

It really is interesting to "read" our bodies and learn how many different evidences there are for the levels of our electrolytes. Who knew?

I've had day after day of these low K+ episodes for atleast 10 days. This morning my K+ was low again. It's always a bit sad when Princess leaves for school, but on low K+ days, I just hate to see her leave. This morning it was especially hard because she is going home with a group of friends and I will not see her again until late tonight. It's at times like this that I want to keep her in a cocoon and never let her grow up. Wisdom prevails and she ventures off into her little world to learn, grow, be challenged, have her feelings hurt, laugh, tell secrets with girlfriends and generally live a full life.

If I listen to my body, I can learn what my potassium levels are like and I can take the necessary precautions. However, if I listen to my heart on days like this, I will surely be led astray. Jeremiah 17:9 "The heart is deceitful above all things and beyone cure. Who can understand it?" Proverbs 28:26 "He who trusts in his own heart is a fool, but he who walks wisely will be delivered." So, it takes wisdom and self-control to allow life to be normal. Today Princess left for school, friends and football game. King will go dove hunting tonight. I will curl up with a book or a Jane Austen movie and eat comfort food. I will choose to rejoice when I feel sad. I miss my beloveds, especially when my K+ is low, but I know that our reunion will be sweet!

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