Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's Been a Long Day ... G'Night

The time has come for me to gush forth in exuberant tones about my foam mattress. "What in the world?", you ask. Yes, well, I would have said the same thing before acquiring this horizontal delight.

No, I'm not a paid sponsor for Isoform. No, I get no benefit from my endorsement of this bed except for the tiny fact that I might encourage someone else to take the foam plunge and have nocturnal bliss. Ya'll, it's just that good.

As I said before, I was very skeptical. King assured me that we had 90 days and that was plenty of time to sleep on the mattress and decide if we liked it. Evidently, there is a "breaking in" time for these foam mattresses where they go from somewhat warehouse stiff to ... sheer delight. Not too soft, not too hard, just perfect. Ya'll remember the story of The Three Bears? Remember at the end of the story, Goldilocks tried the three beds and baby bear's bed was "just right"? Papa Bear's was too hard (Select Comfort) and Mama Bear's bed was too soft (spring coil), but Baby Bear's bed was juuuust right! As soon as she lay down, she fell fast asleep.

Yeah, you know it ... Baby Bear's was the foam mattress. I'm just sayin'.

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