Monday, September 15, 2008


Tonight we were in Petsmart buying dog food. Princess loves animals. Loves 'em. She has two parakeets and a poodle. She wants to add 2 hamsters to the mix. Nay. The King says "No!" We'll see if the King persists.

We were reflecting on our animals while in Petsmart tonight (as we looked at the tiny hamsters). It reminded me of Kipper, our ragdoll. He is with another family now because we all developed allergies to the lovable little "pumpkin heart", as Princess says. He may be a "pumpkin heart", but there is nothing little about him! He is a serious dough boy and terribly lovable. Here's to you, you lovable little "pumpkin heart". May your new family love you as much as we still do!

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