Thursday, July 31, 2008

100th post

I seem to recall that on one's 100th blog posting, a mass amount of trivia is due to be dispensed to the unsuspecting blog reader. You, my precious friends, were spared of this fact 82 postings ago.

Your rapture must end here as I am commencing my 100 trivia facts in preparation of my 100th posting of 2008. These nuggets of news in my life will tell the story of Queen. It will be such a lively list that you might want to get some caffeine.


Ok, you back? Alrighty, without further adieu:

100. I was born a very young lady in the heart of Texas.
99. I was born into a Church of Christ preacher's family. (Not to be confused with the United Church of Christ. Think bible belt, small towns.)
98. I was the baby.
97. I have two older brothers.
96. They adore me. Sometimes.
95. I moved to a new town in the middle of kindergarten, after 4th grade, in the middle of 10th grade and after I graduated.
94. I have lived in Texas my whole life, minus one short stint in Arizona.
93. In Arizona, I drank my first beer. I found it in the gutter while on a walk with my family. It was over 100 degrees outside. It was my last beer. I was 3 years old.
92. After my first beer, I never understood why everyone looked so happy on the beer commercials. Those happy people had obviously never tasted that stuff!
91. I love God's creation.
90. I will eat outside on a 98 degree day, just to experience the sights and smells of the outdoors.
89. I love to camp ... in my 38' RV with convection oven and queen-size bed.
88. I do cook my s'mores and hotdogs over the campfire though.
87. I dated King for 12 months.
86. I was engaged to King for 5 months.
85. I have been married to king for 16 years.
84. I am a selfish person.
83. I have to work hard to empathize and sympathize with my fellow humans. Even my family.
82. I have a neuromuscular condition called Periodic Paralysis.
81. God has used PP to break me, humble me and teach me empathy and compassion.
80. I have a very long way to go down this sanctification road.
79. I have hated the sight, smell and taste of bananas for 35 years.
78. After my trip to the Carribean last year, I love bananas.
77. I want to go back to the Carribean.
76. I want to recline on a chaise, in the shade, with my feet peeking out into the sunshine, the water lapping at the shore, birds calling in the air, tree frogs singing in the trees and my daughter's laughter in the air as she builds sandcastles with her daddy.
75. We have no family living within 7 hours driving distance.
74. I want to adopt children. lots of 'em.
73. God has protected my heart from obsessing over adopting, which I used to do. It is now merely a desire tucked away in my heart.
72. I love to meditate on God's Word.
71. My favorite scripture set of scripture is psalm 103, 104 and 105 with 104 being my favorite chapter on the character of God. Oh, and the entire book of Proverbs.
70. I love being a Mommy. Sometimes I stop and ask Princess to repeat my name, simply to hear the gentle ring of sweetness bound up in the honor and privilege of wearing the name.
69. I love to disciple women.
68. I love being near a swimming pool. (A clean one)
67. As you have suspected, I have a germ thing in my head.
66. I shudder when I think of all the possible germs imposed upon me when I take hold of a commonly used public item ... like a door handle or restaurant menu.
65. God preserves me when I take hold of commonly used public items.
64. I hate to be tickled.
63. Bodily fluids make me wriggle inside.
62. I love to read.
61. I used to own large, slobbery dogs. Couldn't stand little dogs or understand little dog owners. Had they no self respect??
60. I then owned large shedding cats.
59. After developing cat allergies, I discovered poodles.
58. My life is now poodle-perfect! Who knew. I'm a little dog lover.
57. I've been loved by a dachsund mutt, sheltie, border collie, lab puppies, cocker spaniel, Great Pyranees, Dalmations, beagle, a Great Dane and now ... a poodle. Cats: Bengal cats and a LARGE Ragdoll.
56. I like fast cars and one day will own a Lotus. Or atleast dream of owning a Lotus.
55. I absolutely, positively, undeniably adore rainy weather. Thunderstorms are the best.
54. My first hobby with my new husband was storm chasing for the National Weather Service. Very bonding times when you are on the wrong side of the storm and have to "core punch" through the hail to get to the other side.
53. I have more friends than I can possibly love well.
52. I adore the friends God has entrusted to me and pray for the ability to love them as they deserve.
51. My favorite times with King are ... all the times. Minus the occassional scrap.
50. I have had an Amateur Radio license which is now expired.
49. I hate visible wires. So untidy.
48. Visible wires come with the territory when you have Amateur Radio operators in the family.
47. I have considered seeking counseling for my wire hatred.
46. I love, love, love d-r-a-m-a!
45. Give me a sappy romantic movie. Three cheers for Jane Austen!
44. When I was 4-5 yrs old, I loved salamanders.
43. Now, they are sort of creepy.
42. I love cherry wood and rich colors in my decor.
41. I love to walk for exercise each morning ... outdoors.
40. I very much do not like walking indoors on the treadmill.
39. I am learning to love the taste of water.
38. I like change. I like to move furniture and change houses every few years.
37. I love to organize. Everything.
36. My labeler is my friend.
35. I even have my silverware drawer labeled.
34. King does not "Sleep With The Enemy".
33. I cried when the doctor told me Princess was a girl (at the sonogram).
32. Having only brothers, I was sure I was going to ruin a daughter.
31. I grew up a tomboy.
30. King taught me how to cook after our marriage.
29. King kept dating me inspite of the dehydrated chicken dish I cooked for him. I didn't even know I was making "chicken jerky" with my dish so lovingly entitled "Spicy Baked Chicken"
28. No wonder I didn't even place with that dish when I entered it into the 4-H cooking contest.
27. That 4-H cooking contest was my only entry into competitive cooking.
26. I love to eat.
25. I must repeat my mantra, "Eat to live, not live to eat" 'cause a Southern gal, left to herself, is gonna live to eat, my friends.
24. I am spoiled. I only sleep on cotton sheets, with 100% cotton quilts.
23. And now, I must add to my spoilage, my foam mattress.
22. King spoils me and I love him for it.
21. I waited years to become pregnant with Princess.
20. I now know God's timing is never late nor early, but right on time.
19. Sometimes, er, many times I want God to just hurry up, already!
18. Repentance is a good thing.
17. I love the book of Ephesians, Romans, Habakkuk, 1,2,3 John, Colossians, Philippians, Leviticus, Esther, Nehemiah, Jonah ... just to name a few.
16. I am embarressed that I have not had to struggle to write 83 things so far without missing a beat. I think I already mentioned that I struggle with selfishness, right?
15. I love prayer. I love to pray alone, but also love to pray with others. I especially love to pray for people who have NO IDEA that I am praying for them.
14. Princess is my best girlfriend.
13. I have relied on her fashion advice since she was three yrs old. She just has an eye for things.
12. I love to listen to sermons on my ipod.
11. Some of my favorite speakers are John MacArthur, John Piper, Mark Driscoll, Ravi Zaccharias.
10. I am a natural blonde. And I often act like it.
9. I never want to live anywhere except the state of Texas, in the USA.
8. I don't like to clean house.
7. I like to unload, but hate to load the dishwasher.
6. I've had 4 surgeries, 2 in the same year.

5. I have raised: sheep, dogs, rabbits.

4. I can imitate speech and mannerisms of others without thinking about it.

3. I cannot drive a manual transmission.

2. In my most embarressing moment: I was 18 yrs old, had been away from home a few months, was paying room-and-board to live with a single lady and I overpacked the washing machine before leaving the house one day. I came back to find her and her boyfriend cleaning up my mess. I was so embarressed, so I ... walked out and left!!!

1. I have made so many embarressing moments, but thank Christ that He redeems me from the Pit, sets my feet on the rock and puts a song of praise in my mouth (Ps 40). He has called me, elected me, redeemed me, is remaking me and has given me the joy of living this wonderful life.

It truly is a Wonderful Life!

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Lisa writes... said...

Thanks so much for your email invite! I'm glad I ventured back into the blog world if only to pay a short visit!

We do indeed have much in common: teaching women, Jane Austen, Ps. 103, an aversion to cleaning, just to name a few. I, however, have never chased a storm even once...

Happy 100! Here's to the next 100, and beyond!