Monday, July 07, 2008

A Day In The Life...

Of Princess.
Her #1 love is horses. We have a derth of horses on the ole palace property due to the fact that King and Queen do not want to care for or pay for a horse. Alas, she is left with her #2 love ... books.

One night, King took a tour of the palace with his handy camera and photographed each spot in which he found evidence of Princess' love of books. This photo collection was taken in a span of about 4 minutes.

In my office

In the hallway, outside of my office

On the bar in the kitchen

On the island, in the kitchen

On the counter, in the kitchen

In the pantry, on top of the dogfood and beside the cheerios. Yummy.

In the car

In the living room


Lisa writes... said...

Ah, Nancy Drew, my dear friend from childhood! Those books brought back SO MANY memories! Glad to know they are still loved and enjoyed by other little girl-bookworms like myself...

Katybug said...

I just want to know how one got in the pantry AND under the toaster oven! BTW, my Little Bit has asked more than once if your Princess can come over to play. I'll call you soon! Hope you're having a fun summer!!!