Monday, August 04, 2008

Customer Support

Blogspot is obviously having trouble the past week. They labeled a bunch of blogs as "spam" over the weekend and now after clearing that mess, they have pasted a label on my blog "Not Updated in over 80 Days. Please Update." This is silly because my 100 blog posting was posted on Thursday. I mean, it was a long weekend, but not over 80 days. Or perhaps the BlogSpot folks had such a horribly long weekend that it seemed like it was 80 days! Bless their hearts.

On occassion, I have customers that make my day very long. Not always, as we have very nice customers on the whole. Today there is a customer who is testing my nerves. I can only imagine how the Blogger folks have been dodging the bullets this past weekend. Some of the most demanding, rude people are those who are using something for free (like Blogger). My trying customer today is one of those. He's using the trial version of the software, has not paid for it and is fairly demanding and rude. I get to be nice. No matter what. Which in turn makes me practice being nice to the blogger people.


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