Friday, July 25, 2008

Chicken Pox Update and a Belly Rub

(Trumpets) Announcing the good news: We have ceased adding new pox! Thankfully, the infected lesions have "healed" and we are waiting for the lesions to go away. Looks like it will take quite a while as she has some mightly big sores. We will begin to use Mederma on the biggest ones to keep from scarring.

I thought I might post a picture of some other child (from the internet) with chicken pox, but heavens-to-betsy! Princess is lookin' good compared to the slides I saw.

On a side note, my precious friend, Katy, is with child. Her baby shower is tomorrow. I really, reeeaalllllyyy want to go, but after praying, I feel I should refrain from going to the shower. I sent her an email to this effect and received the news today that she, indeed, has not had the chicken pox. Yikes. Can you imagine if I went and she got the pox with baby inside? Can not imagine that one. So, in lieu of a baby shower, pop over to Katy's blog and give her belly a rub! She's the cutest little mama.

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