Sunday, October 19, 2008

Such a Picture of Her Life

As this picture is studied, it is a perfect picture of her life right now. From left to right:

  • Dixe, the beloved 8 yr old tiny toy poodle
  • rosy fabric boxes to hold her lincoln logs
  • a watch to help her manage her Periodic Paralysis
  • A bucket of Polly Pockets sticking out from under the bed
  • The blue chair that Dixie uses to get up in bed with Princess at night
  • The baby cradle that she slept in as a baby and that she uses for her 52 year old doll named April (The doll my mom got for Christmas when she was 10 years old)
  • the white all-purpose table that houses her laptop and sewing projects
  • a beautiful play stable full of horses from Gramma Bonnie
  • her sewing machine
  • two ride on horses, one is the robotic Butterscotch that she bought with her own money ($275!!) I just noticed that Butterscotch is sporting a "saddle blanket" that used to be Princess' great-grandmother's apron. :)
  • and her very fun lincoln logs, a combination of King's childhood logs and her own collection

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