Thursday, October 09, 2008

Pediatric Electrophysiologist

I am a blogging wonder today. This is my third post.

Our sweet pediatrician sent a referral to the pediatric cardiology group. By the next morning, they called to schedule her appointment. We have an appointment with a pediatric cardiology specialist called an electrophysiologist. Princess has her appointment on Wednesday morning.

She has been in the nurse's office almost every day for the past two weeks and sometimes twice per day. The nurse checked her heart beat today and sure enough, she heard that irregular pulse. It's like there is a regular rhythm to the irregularity. Weird.

This morning I was also having heart pain and King said it sounded like I have an extra beat or something. Bless his heart. He's not a cardiologist. I probably should have my heart checked as well. Princess first.

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