Thursday, October 09, 2008

Date Night (Burping mentioned)

Tuesday night was highly anticipated. Our babysitter arrived and we were out the door within minutes. We decided on our local Chinese food establishment for our nourishment as they have great service, it's quiet, not too expensive and the servers are attentive without interrupting. We had a myriad of fun topics to talk about over google eyes. Tuesday nights are a highlight of our week.

Not. Last. Night.

First, we were seated beside an older couple who had evidently arrived moments before us, so we were on the same service schedule (drinks, soup, egg roll, entree, etc). Second, this older, heavy man had a burping problem. Third, King and I quickly got off on a bummer of a conversation that needed to be talked about, but was unpleasant.

So, here we sat. We talked and (BURP!) and we talked some more (BURP!) and before long, King got this look on his face and started smiling. (BURP!!) I lost it, ya'll. I got the giggles so bad and seriously, we are sitting like 2 feet from their table. No one else was seated near our tables, so they heard our conversation and we heard their conversation, what little there was between burps. I headed to the powder room to extinguish the giggles. As soon as I sat down again at the table, BURP! (eyes rolling)

So, the nail in the coffin was the waiter. I think he must've been the patriarch or something. Toward the end of our meal, he started talking incessantly to us about centering yourself and all that matters is your happiness, and halloween is coming and the ghosts like beautiful weather, and ON and ON! He even talked about how the nose is centered on the face. (eyes rolling)

Ya'll. It was just a bummer of a date night. I can't wait for next Tuesday. And we are NOT eating Chinese food.

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