Thursday, October 09, 2008

Date Night Redeemed

We had date lunch today. We ate outside on a patio and it is a beautiful day! Great conversation, good food ... good times.

And then we bumped into The Undertaker. I had heard that he lives in the 'hood, but I'm the worst person with famous people. I really don't care about anyone's wealth, fame or lack of one.

And, I'm so not the fan of wrestling or else I would be impressed to be in the same room with this guy. Having said that, I was impressed. His stats say that he is 6 feet 10 inches and 300 pounds. That sounds small compared to how I perceived him at lunch today. The dude is huge. His tatooes alone must have weighed 50 pounds.

Anyway, good times. And, we ate Mexican food this time. :)

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