Friday, October 24, 2008


Princess and I are loving this weather change ... not so much. She has been in the nurse's office at least twice per day every day this week. I start each day paralyzed and sometimes it heads uphill after that and some days it goes downhill.

One of the hard parts of the low episodes is that it makes you so discouraged and overwhelmed. Last night, in an episode, Princess said, "I hate myself because I'm so stupid." Poor dear. The episodes impair one's cognitive function and really do make you feel like an absolute moron. We showed her the movie "A Beautiful Mind", the clearplay version and edited at that. We wanted her to see a true story of someone whose mind plays tricks on him and how he taught himself to ignore the lies of his mind. For those of us with PP, when our potassium drops, it can cause us to feel depressed, discouraged and to think untrue thoughts of ourselves and those around us. It's very sad. So, to assist Princess, we want her to be able to distinguish when she is having the feelings associated with a low episode and to speak the truth to herself and refute the lies. She is doing very well and watching the movie helped her.

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