Monday, October 20, 2008

I am so tired, I can barely hold my head up. It has been a good, but long day!

My shoes arrived! The boots are a bit short, so they have to go back. Alas. However, the bronze shoes are adorable!

Last night we went to an event. A couple sat next to us and we were catching up on our families. Our children were in 1st grade and kindergarten together. The dad asked me how Princess is doing, so I briefly explained that she was having Periodic Paralysis episodes and, thus, life looks a bit different this year. They are familiar with my Paralysis, so I mistakenly thought that was what he was asking about. I guess I was wrong. As I started saying this, he picked up a program on the table and started reading it. ... Like, totally disengaged from what I was saying. ??? I was answering his question, ferpete'sake. Anyway, it annoyed me some, but as I told King about it later, I have an easy annoyance for people who are non-authentic. Bugs me. It was a good reminder for myself to be intentional in conversations. I need to ask questions of people, not to be polite, but because I am truly interested in the answers. The gentleman is truly that, he's a gentleman and so I choose to forgive his rudeness, but I will remember being asked about my daughter's well being and then being ignored.

May I never do this myself.

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