Monday, October 22, 2007

Travel, Epcot and Jeep Trouble

It's our first day of vacation. King got up at 2:15 a.m., I got up at 4 and Princess at 4:30. They slept on the plane some ... I did not. For some reason, I can not sleep when I'm strapped to a moving object ... especially a hollow metal tube with jet engines and a guy named "Murphy" at the wheel. :)

We arrived in Orlando, got a Jeep Grand Cherokee from Enterprise, got some lunch (at 3:30) and found our hotel room. After a bit of freshening up, we headed out for Disney. The lateness of the hour determined that Epcot was our only real option. We enjoyed a couple of shows and all of a sudden Mommy became tired. Very tired. Exceedingly tired. It was 8:00. Thankfully, we arrived so late that we were able to obtain a close parking spot. If you've ever been to a mammoth amusement park like Disney, you know the relative term "close". We finally found the silly Jeep among the thousands of other Florida license plates and the goofy thing wouldn't unlock. We tried everything. Princess even resorted to tapping on the windshield with this little voice, "Won't anyone let us in??"

Finally, we decided to call Enterprise. Oh, the kicker is that the key fob is one of those new things with no key. It's a plastic nub that is absolutely useless when it comes to locking or unlocking the door. King gets Enterprise on the horn and after being transferred all over central Florida, an "enterprising" employee told King to push a button on the fob and pull the end. V-I-O-L-A! A key appeared. In 2 minutes we were in and driving. Ahhh. Technology.

Shuttle liftoff is tomorrow morning. It is unrealistic how many people are here just for the shuttle launch. We'll update tomorrow.

ATTENTION prayer warriors: I have been up 16.5 hours with not a single episode. God is incredibly gracious and compassionate. I can only think of the KJV of this verse and can not think where it is, but it comes to mind regarding you guys who prayed today ... "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much" Thanks for praying!!!!!!


josha said...

I've been thinking about you all day! I'm so glad you are having fun and that problems have been relatively small! Yay for your super-woman body with no episodes!!

Yay, God!

flowerpot said...

We watched the show at Epcot last night and in the middle of the fireworks, full of emotion, I leaned over to King and said, "I miss O&J!" We've shared most of our happiest vacations with you guys as couples. I was remembering our trip 13 years ago with G in the oven. Thinking of you too...