Wednesday, October 03, 2007


A bonus! After a drought of two weeks and no blog postings, I am posting twice in one day. The reason for this second post is ... the snake.

So, my friend, Jamie, and I are having a picnic at lunch today by the little pond in this shopping center. It's mid-eighties outside, sun-shiney and we're having a great time. The only wildlife around are the fire ants that have decided to picnic on ME! We finish lunch and are walking back across this large grassy area, all the while talking of, yes, tarantulas! I'm describing a tarantula that my brother and I found as children. Just as I got to the part where the tarantula raises his front legs in a defensive posture, Jamie goes shooting directly sideways ... screaming. Geez, I thought. The tarantula... Then I thought, "TARANTULA!!! WHERE??" (This is all split-second timing, mind you) As she screams again, I am still looking for the tarantula when out on the sidewalk in front of us (our intended destination after the next 2 steps) slides a 15 inch snake! Yes, a SNAKE! So, it's my turn to jump and scream ... twice!
Poor little snake, he was minding his own scary little business until these two noisy girls approached. He tried, successfully I might add, to get away from us by sliding back into the grass where he instantly disappeared. I mean, like, gone. As we walked away, I almost wanted to look back over my shoulder to see if he was following us, but he didn't. Praise God!
So, remembering that it is a beautiful day, I start my 3 minute drive home. Windows down. Michael W. Smith on the CD player, thumping out a great beat. Life is good. I'm not dead from a snake bite and my tummy is full. I start down my street and notice that I have a passeger!! There is a yellow jacket waspy-thing IN MY CAR!! Right beside me on the passenger seat. Looking at me! AAHHH! After screaming at him, I realize he is ignoring me. I shoo him and he flies toward me. I am in front of my neighbor's driveway and as he flies at me, I slam the car in park and jump out. So, tauntingly, he flies to the doorpost of my open driver door and just sits there. I can't get in and I can't get him to leave.
Mind you, adrenaline rushes are triggers for my paralysis episodes. So, after my little excitement with Mr. Snake, I'm really not into having any more wildlife challenges!
I rang the doorbell and King came to my rescue. Of course, when he came, the waspy-thing was gone. Nevertheless, he drove the car to the house and parked it for me. :)
I'm safe now and no episodes!


Jamie said...


ok, first of all I'm pretty sure that snake was more like 25 inches than 15... c'mon now, he was a pretty decent size! that has been replaying in my mind all day.

secondly, I would have certainly passed out had there been a wasp in my car... I am pretty sure I'm equally afraid of both snakes and wasps. It is a miracle we both escaped our wonderful picnic today unscathed! Geesh!

Next time, we eat inside?

josha said...

too much excitement!
Lincoln logs are more my speed!