Thursday, October 25, 2007

Frog Blog

Wednesday night while seated at the foot of Cinderella's Castle watching the evening parade, I was enthralled with the intricate beauty and details of the individual floats. Each character had their own float complete with thousands of lights and it's own theme music. King was on my left and Princess in front and to my left. The only thing to my right was my backpack. Again, we were sitting on the concrete with thousands of others. In the middle of the parade, I felt something on my right thigh and unconsciously reached down to brush it off. Well! I just happened to gently lay my hand right over the top of the "thing" on my leg. At that precise moment, I frighted the object on my right thigh and the thing decided to leave it's new resting spot. In 4-5 split second moments I had laid my hand on a very wet frog, he wriggled and jumped through my hand!! As the wetness and "aliveness" entered my conscious thought I screeched and flung my right hand (poor frog) toward the right. King started asking 3-4 rapid fire questions along the lines of "are you okay???" Followed by his comment to "just calm down". Everything was so beautifully intense ... the beauty of the parade, the loud music, sitting at the base of the Castle, watching Lauren enjoy the parade and now to go to the opposite intensity of "GAG! Something alive and wet just jumped and wiggled on me!!!" I had a huge adrenaline rush. When I got my words, I told David, "I *am* calm. You don't know the restraint I used." Ok, so I managed to only disturb the people around me during the screech and the flinging of my hand. For the next few minutes I just worked on not having an episode from the adrenaline rush. All was well. The parade ended and we turned around from facing toward the street to facing the castle. Turns out that this was the ultimate spot for viewing the parade and the evening fireworks 30 minutes later. Tuesday night, we watched the evening show at Epcot ... amazing. Really beautiful. However, there's nothing like sitting at the foot of the castle and seeing the firworks over the castle and backlighting it. King video'ed the whole thing and I'm so thankful. It was incredibly special. I'm not a magic person as I think there are two kinds of supernatural powers: those of God and those of His enemy. So, some people would use the term "magical" for our evening Wednesday and I would use the term ... blessed. If, however, you go with the magical idea, you could begin to see a theme here. I was approached a second time by Mr. Wet Frog during the fireworks ferpete'ssake!!! He jumped in my lap this time!! Either it was a prince who wished to be released from his magic spell, or I had one terrified frog in a throng of people who just wanted a safe place to sit for a while. As nurturing as I am, there was not enough room for me and a wet frog in my lap at the same time!! I jumped again and screamed. Thankfully there were new people around me this time or they might have called security. I explained in 7 words or less that it was the second time he'd jumped on me that night. They didn't care. They just wanted me to sit down, shut up and let them enjoy the magical show. Alas. I will never know if that prince had his spell broken. There were so many people in that park that no one would have notice a new person suddenly appearing from a frog.


Jamie said...

That is the best story ever, ferpete'ssake!

melinda said...

You were at Disney World, after all. Someone should have kissed that frog to see what it would have turned into!!!