Thursday, October 25, 2007

NASA Interviews

While waiting for the launch of the Discovery Shuttle, we went into the museum and took pictures under the Saturn V rocket. We also looked for any NASA personnel to "interview" for Princess' Family Project at school. We decided the NASA trip would make a cool project. After taking pictures under the rocket, we asked a lady with a lanyard if we could ask her a few questions. She was so kind, yet declined as she is a contractor with NASA. She said, "You know who you need to talk to is Bob Seik. He was the Launch Director here at the Cape for many years." She then proceeded to give a description and wished us luck in finding Mr. Seik. I thought there was little chance we'd get to talk to such a VIP, yet was determined to find him for Princess if at all possible. There were so many neat exhibits and hundreds of people. Our contractor friend gave us a great description because 1/2 way through the building we found the prestigious Mr. Sheik and sure enough, he was surrounded by old friends. After we waited a while, he noticed us and came over and the "interview" began. Princess, for all of her gregarious nature, really doesn't like to be in the center of attention. She has such a hard time talking one on one especially in a situation like this. I had helped her think of a couple of questions to ask him, yet she was totally not wanting to do it. I can not tell you how personable this man is and how he was so good with Princess. Turns out he has grandchildren Princess' age and knows how to talk "space" on a kid's level. He answered her two questions and then proceeded to give her a great little talk about how important it is to take risks and how to evaluate a risk. He advocated broaching new territories despite fears and enjoying the results. It was a great and inspiring talk and Princess exclaimed after we walked away, "I wasn't nervous at all!!" The reason she wasn't is because this man is a gifted communicator and is obviously passionate about his dreams. We could all stand to be around more people like Bob Seik.

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