Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Space Shuttle!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday was NASA day and boy were we blessed!!! I'm so thrilled that King wrote our senator and got the VIP tickets. We'll set up a digital scrapbook of the day. Ya'll, we were only 2.5 miles from the shuttle. You could see the shuttle on the pad from where we were (with a telephoto or binocular). The tickets we were given were in the VIP section of the viewing stands. When we viewed liftoff, the three of us sat at the fence (as close as you can get) and took pictures. King had the video and I had my new Nikon. Oh, ya'll. It was amazing. I set the camera on continuous shooting mode and photographed the entire launch from T minus 1 until the shuttle was out of sight. I even got the solid rocket booster separation and the main engine cut off. It's so cool. We kept saying over and over how blessed we were.

Pardon the haphazard nature of the post. We had A/C trouble again last night and are functioning on little sleep. They replaced a fuse once and the A/C twice between 11:00 and 3:15. (yawn!) After replacing it at 11:00, we woke at 1:48 to an engine locked down quickly followed by "boom", a flash of blue light and smoke in the room. I had an episode while King called guest services and we did the whole "pull the a/c out, put in another one" routine until after 3:00 a.m.

I woke at 8 and peeked out the window to see the cool front looming to the north. We are up and the girls are bouncing up and down trying to get King to wake up and take us to the Mouse House. I'm trying to throw this post up before we leave. Today is Magic Kingdom day!!

This internet connection is as slow as trafffic on MoPac at 5:00. I'll post photos later. Only one episode so far (the one at 1:48 this morning). Woo-hoo!

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Jamie said...

Yeah! Sounds like you guys are having quite an adventure! Get this -- I saw the space shuttle last night as it was orbiting over texas!!! It was awesome. So we both saw the space shuttle on the same day, ha ha.

Love the posts... keep 'em up! Praying for y'all!