Sunday, October 14, 2007


I haven't updated on my health lately. I am still watching my food intake and am hanging in at 34 pounds lost so far. I really want to make it to 40 lbs, but I'm doing great, so I can't be too frustrated with myself.

Paralysis is pretty good. When I have episodes, they tend to be whoppers. I haven't had to use the oxygen in a while though, so that's good.

Princess is sick again this weekend. Another horrible cough and a sore throat this time. We have to get her healthy because we leave a week from tomorrow!!


josha said...

pretty girl.
pretty camera.
Just like mine...pretty girl and camera. Yay for you!! Tell Little Miss Girl I wish her well!

josha said...

um....giggle...i miss you....giggle, forward to march...giggle