Monday, October 29, 2007

On Our Way Home

Today is a very sad day.
We leave our beloved Disney and come back to reality.

Have we said how much fun Disney is for our family??? Way fun.

Last night we were so tired, but we had to go back just one more time. The conference was over in late afternoon and we went to Epcot for the last time. We ate at our favorite restaurant, but Sam wasn't working last night, so we didn't get to see her. The food was good and the fellowship was great. As we left, Princess cried when we got to the center icon, the large golfball-looking thing called Spaceship Earth. So we sat underneath, took out the video camera and 'journaled' our leaving and what a great time we had. It really pulled at the heartstrings of Mom and Dad as we walked through the parking lot to our car, Princess kept looking back over her shoulder. :(

This morning as King and I were stirring around packing the last minute items, Princess laughed out loud in her sleep. She told us when she woke up that she had been dreaming of some friends at school. I think we are all ready to come home, but not ready to leave this week of togetherness and family time.

It's been a great trip!

These are pictures from the conference. This was the largest turnout that we've seen! We loved the Orlando location as, obviously, others did as well. Also pictured is the nicest neurologist that I've ever met. Dr. Frank Lehman-Horn is so smart, so nice and so caring. Princess, King and I gave our blood for genetic testing. We'll find out in a year or so what the results are. Woo-hoo!

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