Monday, July 30, 2007

Dry Run

I did a dry run this morning. I ran/walked with no rain showers and I also practiced my school morning routine with a dog involved ... something new this year. Both were exceedingly successful. It was confirmed that I absolutely can not work out in the morning before school. It took me 90 minutes to dress, exercise, shower and dress again. I was back at my desk for work by 8:00, but Princess was not involved in the morning at all. Alas. Looks like exercising will have to be done in the evening during the school year.

My FIL has hip replacement surgery tomorrow morning. Please pray for him. God has most graciously allowed him to advance this far in life without having ever been in the hospital. King will be staying with him on the night shifts while in the hospital. King also has a h-u-g-e business meeting in the morning before his trip to see his dad. Big week.

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josha said...

I will pray for both of them and for you without your king.