Monday, July 23, 2007

Dixie Update

Well, aside from being the cutest little poodle I have ever seen, she is adorably sweet. It's been two weeks now and still not one bark. King thinks that's not right ... like something has happened in Dixie's past to prevent her from barking. One can only speculate. She's hand shy, too. Obviously she's been hit a fair amount. It makes me sad to reach down to scratch under her chin and she ducks and flinches. Poor little punkin.

She does have knee cap problems, but they do not seem to limit her movement. Every so often you can hear a "snap", like the sound my knees make when I stand or squat down. She rarely whimpers when it dislocates, so I think it must not hurt terribly bad. I would love to do surgery on her, but we are going to wait. She's still almost deaf, but being a poodle, she learns fast, so she's picking up some hand signs and that's helpful.

The breeder. Oh dear. She's a piece of work. When we met her, we could tell she is a "hard woman", if you know what I mean. She's an older lady and she an her husband are not in great health. Looking back on our hour spent at her house when we picked up Dixie, there were signs that we should have followed up on. We were choosing to think the best, so we extended lots of grace. I'd do the same thing again (extending grace), but I would ask a lot more questions. King can be dramatic just like me, that's why we have so much fun together. However, when he relays a conversation or talks about life in general, he's very understated. I, on the other hand, apply full dramatic license and paint the most colorful, yet truthful, picture.

So, King calls the breeder and explains that we weren't looking for any money, we just wanted to hear more about Dixie's past, from her perspective. When she heard the first of what King had to say, she went on the attack. King will not tell me what she said (ouch), only that we are never dealing with this woman again. She hung up on King three times. Enough said.

So, we are loving on this little gal, enjoying her antics and all around becoming poodle people. You know, "those people".

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