Friday, July 20, 2007

What To Do?

We picked up our poodle, Dixie, on July 8th and have had her 11 days. Of those 11 days, she's only eaten 3 of them. We've been to the vet twice and two different vets have concluded:

1. She's going deaf.
2. She has a very bad case of canine peridontitis (rotten teeth and infected gums)
3. Her knee caps (patella) are dislocating on both legs
4. She is not 6 years old as purported, but 8 years old

We are waiting on a return phone call from Dixie's breeder. We are all attached to Dixie already, but Princess especially loves having Dixie sleep with her at night and playing "veterinarian" with her friends. The vets say that we are looking at approximately $2000 to fix Dixie. I can't pay that kind of money. Dixie was offered as a dog who needs her teeth cleaned, but is otherwise completely healthy. I am hoping that the breeder will cover the vet bills that correspond to the "completely healthy" label that Dixie had. Since we bought a "completely healthy" little dog, I am stunned to hear that the popping sound I heard yesterday is actually Dixie's knee dislocating and popping back into socket! Stunned also that her "teeth cleaning" will consist of massive dental surgery and possible oral surgery at a price tag of $400-$900. I'm surprised that this "completely healthy" dog has both knee caps dislocating and have been dislocating long enough for it to have rubbed the bone down around the knee! Ok, so I've already mentioned the knee thing, but geez. That's a hard way to pass the days. And finally, this "completely healthy" dog is almost deaf. Now, honestly folks, how can one mistake all of these issues and sell a dog to an 8 year old girl who is expecting a healthy little pal for the next 6-8 years? I don't want to indicate that the breeder is less than straight forward, but she's been less than straight forward with us. And I'm miffed.

I honestly do not know what to do. I hate getting attached to animals because invariably I have to make hard decisions like this. Just pray for wisdom for us and that we will have a gracious, yet crucial conversation with the breeder. We'll keep you updated.

On the NS front, my eats have been good. My knee is almost back to walking status (the foot stool is working great!) and my weight is going back down.


josha said...

Oh dear! So what are the alternatives? She is a cutie little thing.
I'm glad to know that your knee is better!

josha said...

wondering about dixie....

Jamie said...

Humph... I am miffed too!