Sunday, July 15, 2007

A good week

Summer seems to be a hard time to blog. There is a lot going on and nothing going on. Between the two, I seem to forget to blog.

We've taken a break from cleaning the garage because I bought 20 rose bushes from Home Depot this past week. Now we have to make spots for them in the yard. It was a good thing, really, because we've had these scary plants out in front of our house. They are called cotoneasters, but really they make our house look like the Munsters' house. Yesterday, King wrapped onto them with heavy chains, put the pickup in 4x4 and ripped them out. It was impressive! Now the fig ivy is really showcased. I think we'll plant roses in most of the bed (the sunny spots) and fill in with nandina, holly and jasmine. I can't wait. It will be so much more inviting when we are done. King keeps teasing me that I'll be known by the kids as "the rose lady". I think he must've had some past trauma from childhood in regards to finding lost baseballs in thorny flowerbeds. Bless his lil' pea pickin' heart. I'm still planting my roses.

So, I didn't post a full picture of my new dress, but here is the top of me in it with two dear family members. Note the new haircut. Well, okay, it's not new. It's the same cut I've had for over a year, but my hair grows so fast and cuts are so expensive that I've tried to stretch it out and not go so often. The result is that I have 2-3 different hairstyles in 8 weeks. Alas, I have resigned myself to go and get a cut every 4 weeks and look the same all the time.

Did I mention that we got our little Dixie this past weekend? She's been with us a week as of today. She acts as if she's always lived here. She's been a mama dog most of her life and lived in a kennel. Having said that, we are amazed at what a doll she is. She loves people, kids in particular. She is completely housetrained, does not bark (we have not heard her bark, ever), is not hyper and is overall precious. The kennel part comes in with the fact that she doesn't seem to know her name. This dog just turned 7 years old! She was one of the breeder's favorites, yet "dixie" means nothing to her. And, to top it off, she doesn't seem to be able to hear very well. I'm hoping that it's just wax in her ears. I plan to take her to the vet this next week. She's a doll though and we love her so much already. This is a picture of her and Princess in the car on the way home about 15 minutes after picking her up. What a cutie ... and the dog is, too!!

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Jamie said...

I hope Dixie realized she was riding to her new home in STYLE!

Can't wait to see you guys tonight!