Thursday, August 02, 2007

Hips, Work, Coffee and Plasma Cars

Princess and I are bopping along without our King. His dad's hip replacement went well, but we'd still love prayers for his healing.

While King is gone, I'm doing a lot more work for the company which is stressful and very fun at the same time. I love to learn; however doing anything new is stressful for me. I am realizing all over again what a perfectionist I am. I like to do things correctly if I do them which means that I put off doing new things. I also put off doing things that I am unsure of. This new work stuff is new and unsure. It's great to be pushed though and I am finding out that the customers are very forgiving. :)

School is looming before us and that is both exciting and dreaded. We love summer around here and we also love the routine of school, so starting school is bittersweet. I have volunteered to be a homeroom mom this year which is new for me. Most of the work for HR mom is done before school starts, so school things will ramp up next week. I also plan to mentor again this year and look forward to being matched up with my new ladies. I prefer college/singles, but we'll see who God has in mind for me this year.

As far as nutrition and exercise, I am on track. My eats are good although I could be drinking more water. I've gotten hooked on coffee lately. It's not the caffeine, simply the trick that I play on my stomach when I think I am hungry and am simply having "head hunger". The sugar-free, low fat creamers are delish and bring that feeling of warmth and comfort. Today I am not drinking any coffee and concentrating on my water. I sometimes add the flavoring to the water to make it a bit more fun.

Night before last I pulled Princess on another plasma car ride, this time with Dixie on the plasma car as well. I did two full miles, maybe more. Sadly, I chose 6:00 p.m. to walk on a very hot day. I was wiped when I got home, but had a great workout. We went swimming afterwards. Tonight I plan to run/walk on the treadmill. Yesterday and today I have had a migraine, so I will have to ditch the running tonight if I can not get rid of the migraine.


josha said...

You're doing so great! Sorry to hear of the headache...
Here is my coffee you know, I do love coffee...for every cup of coffee, I drink 2 cups of water. Glad things are going well on the homefront and with FIL!

Jamie said...

I personally am so thankful you have such a heart for us singletons :)

flowerpot said...

King and I both have a heart for singletons! :) A big heart!