Thursday, May 10, 2007

I Got It!

I had another migraine last night, which oozed over into today. But, I think I've got it! I think my trigger for these is hunger! I think when my body starts fasting/being hungry that I'm having an "episode". The difference is that I'm not paralyzed, I just have the migraine. I'm going to watch things for the next few days, but I've noticed that if I'll eat some protein when I get a migraine, I feel better.

So, due to migraines and hip healing, I haven't been walking. I did get my Resistance Bands today. I am looking forward to trying them ... maybe tonight?

We leave for our anniversary trip 3 weeks from today. As of this writing, we leave for the trip in 21 days. Or, if you prefer, 501 hours. Or, better still 30,060 minutes. :) I'm just a little excited.

1 comment:

josha said...

What a coincidence! I'm leaving for vacation in nearly the exact amount of time! :)
So glad you may have figured out the migraines. I'll be so excited for you if this is something so much in your control!!! How great! In His hands are the depths of the earth!