Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Boca Burgers

I had a great day today!! No paralysis, no migraines and I got to walk my 3 miles this morning. Woo-hoo! Here are the pictures of the baby swans that I took a couple of weeks ago. They are twice this big now.

I normally eat Nutrisystem food every day, all day, but I only ate it for breakfast this morning. I had a Boca Burger for lunch ... my first Boca. I nuked it, put A-1 sauce on it and ate it on toasted Ezekiel bread. Oh. My. Goodness! Y-u-m! The Ezekiel bread is amazing and so easy to keep fresh. I have been keeping it in the freezer, so I just take it out, toast it and eat. Fast, easy and good for me.

I'm knocking on 140 lbs. I am almost there... I really want to be in the 130's by the time we leave on the 31st. We'll see. I weighed 141 today.

I really need to go to bed, so I'll post pictures from my walk on tomorrow's post.

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Ruthie said...

yipee for you! I will have to try your burger recipe.. sounds good. I have never had the bread either..

I was wondering about putting your blog on our helping others transform page.. if you dont it TOTALLY fine (no pressure) ... I am thinking of revamping it and adding some before and after face shots of those of us who are on it. I read a lot of your old posts.. your pics from april 26th are amazing! you have done so great! what an inspiration! ..

again.. no pressure here.. this blog thing is sorta personal so I COMPLETELY understand if you want to keep it to the friends/family you know.. :)

Keep up the good work.. and thanks for all your encouragement to me lately.. you have really helped get me out of the slump!

(are you having josha withdrawals?i am)