Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bad, Bad Choices, Girlie!

Wow, I not only cheated yesterday, I blew the top off the "cheat-o-meter"! I felt awful yesterday and was very hungry. Normally, I can push through any struggles, but I bombed. I ate a fold-over sandwich at 9:30, which was fine. I needed the protein. However, the subsequent Hershey's chocolate bar at 10:30 and the spoonful of chocolate chip cookie dough was NOT okay. By 11:30, I had consumed 780 calories!!! Bad. Very bad. I normally am at about 400 calories after lunch. Well, I think I finished the day up around 1200 or 1250 calories, which is right on target, but I felt so sad about my choices. You know how you feel great when you lay down at night if you've done your best during the day? You can say, "I may not have completed everything on my list today, but I worked hard and I had a good day!"

That was not how I felt yesterday.

I didn't realize it at the time, but I was having low potassium trouble yesterday (one of the main reasons I was feeling awful and sad). Low potassium causes depression/the blues, not to mention the muscle weakness that it causes in me. I didn't think to test my potassium until Princess complained of aching muscles after school. Turns out her potassium was low, too.

Today is a better day. Whew. :) I've had cinnamon oatmeal (NS) and a bowl of strawberries with fat-free cool whip for a total of 190 calories before lunch. And look at my strawberries?! Doesn't that look yummy? I'm totally on today!


josha said...

cut yourself some slack, Girl! You're doing great! Go,go,go!!! :)

Misty said...

If you had only seen me yesterday... it was not pretty.