Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Equine Love

Today I had a sweet lunch with a friend. After two hours of girl talk and laughter, I was heading home when I realized ... the barn was almost on my way home. The fly in the ointment: It was 39 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Translate - the Queen should be inside (due to the cold triggering my Periodic Paralysis). However, the draw of Leo was strong, so I had to drive over and give him a smooch. Turns out, it was so cold that I was the only one at the barn. Thank God for sunshine. It made the cold not so ... cold.

As a horse lover, I can hardly describe the feeling of horse breath on my neck and face. It's so warm and cozy - especially on a very cold day. The massive strength of this creature combined with his gentle eyes and eyelashes are enough to melt my heart.

I know. I know. I'm silly.

But, I love him. And isn't he so cute?

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